Extreme Cleaning in Milton Keynes

Our cleaners are experienced at working in difficult conditions, providing extreme cleaning in Milton Keynes. From full house clearance after squatters have been evicted to rubbish collection and hoarder cleaning; we have all the skills and knowledge needed to get the job done promptly and to the highest standards.

MKS Cleaning Services are here to help Homeowners, Landlords, Tenants, Housing Associations, Commercial Clients and every other client needing our cleaning expertise where conditions demand extreme clean ups. There are a variety of situations which require our extreme cleaning services, and we set about our work in a meticulous and methodical manner to ensure that your property is returned to a pristine condition.

Hoarder Cleaning in Milton Keynes

Here at MKS Cleaning Services we realise professional and speciality hoarding cleaning is hard to find. Firstly we know hoarding is more than just a case of a cluttered house there is underlying problem or illness which is why we provide a caring and compassionate clean-up for the hoarder and their family. Many hoarders are ashamed and embarrassed but we don’t want you to feel that with us. We have carried out many hoarder cleans so nothing will shock us, Our main gain is to help you regain control of your home, restore the home & your life.

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We will come up with a tailor made plan, based on their needs and at a level the hoarder can cope with. We will recycle as much as possible and make sure we keep all personal belongings, important documents, paperwork, photographs etc. We carry out an extreme clean and disinfect all areas, work side by side the client until their home is cleaned without causing them any further stress or anxiety.

No situation is extreme and change is always possible, we’re here to help.

Void Property Cleaning in Milton Keynes

On many occasions tenants do not leave properties the way they find them, therefore not clean enough for the next occupants. This will very often slow down the re letting or selling of the property which in turn becomes very expensive for the landlord, housing association or owner. This is where we step in, quickly and efficiently returning the property to its rightful clean & sanitized condition.

Very often tenants or squatters leave behind all kinds of mess, rubbish, furniture, human or animal waste, drug paraphernalia along with this leaving behind infections & diseases and many times the walls & floors will be stained.

Oven Cleaning in Milton Keynes

Oven cleaning is one of the most dreaded cleaning tasks that homeowners face. Our professional domestic cleaners in Milton Keynes can take away the pain! We completely dismantle and clean your entire oven leaving it in near show room condition.

No chemicals are used in your home meaning there are no nasty smells to deal with and your oven is safe to use as soon as we are finished.

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